Harvey was a wild peacock who arrived in our neighborhood in August 2005 along with his bride, Henrietta.  The two remained in the area feeding off the seeds they could find, sunflower seeds we had put out and other food by various neighbors.  They didn't seem to care whether it rained or snowed preferring to stay in the area and roost in the tall douglas fir trees.  Henrietta and Harvey quit getting along in mid summer 2006 and she left.  Harvey stayed on enjoying the easy life he had here.  In Spring 2008 while he was pumped up and aggressive he took on a passing car and lost.  During his stay he had become sufficiently domesticated to come when he was called for food and would eat out of our hands.  His entire time here he was a free bird, and his own bird.  We all miss him, even his springtime "YEOWs" in the middle of the night. His portrait while resting on our deck rail is a 22x28-inch acrylic on watercolor paper.


Posted by: lknight
Posted on: 1/10/2009 at 11:27 AM
Categories: Portraits
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