Icicle Creek

I was impressed with the way the low angle sun was shining through the clear water in these rapids on Icicle Creek near Leavenworth, Washington.  I took several photos but they failed to show the brilliance of the sun on the water.  The first painting is a quick study to see if I could improve what was displayed in the photos. 

This is a 11 x 14-inch acrylic on watercolor paper created in about 1 hour.  It fails to show the wildness of the water and does not have enough contrast.  In the full scale painting I really want to emphasize the three main places where the sunlight shows through the water, and the turbulent water. 

The sun shining through the pale blue milky glacial meltwater provided an amazing array of colors for this 21 x 29-inch acrylic on watercolor paper.  I darkened the background and removed the distraction of the trees. 


Posted by: lknight
Posted on: 11/10/2009 at 3:08 PM
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Categories: Landscapes
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