Using Watercolor Paper without Stretching

I prefer to paint on a totally flat surface for both watercolor and acrylics, and my preferred surface is 140 lb watercolor paper.  Usually stretching will provide fairly flat paper but doing large areas with wet on wet will still cause some ripples on 140 lb paper.  Although 300 lb paper eliminates this problem it is very expensive.  One way around this is to bond a sheet of 140 lb paper to a piece of mat board using rubber cement.  Like most painters I have lots of scrap mat board as center cutouts so the only additional cost is for rubber cement.  Coat both sheets with rubber cement, assemble while still wet then weight it evenly for several hours to get a tight even bond.  Then, voila, you have 300 lb sheet for very little cost.

You must be careful to get an even bond across the paper,  otherwise large local bumps will form when the paper becomes wet.


Posted by: lknight
Posted on: 4/20/2010 at 3:15 PM
Categories: Tips
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